Our Staff at St John Baptist de LaSalle are driven by the mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Under the guidance of our Pastor, the staff at St John Baptist De la Salle strive to act as the hands and feet of the Parish in accordance with the Holy Spirit. As coworkers in the vineyard, we work hard to provide an encounter with the Lord and to help all feel like they belong to the parish.



At St. John's, our parishioners are our top priority. We want you to know that you are part of the Body of Christ and that your voice matters to us. To us, this is your parish, not our parish. We are here to give you knowledge when you are struggling.  We are witnesses to God’s love in our community, committed to living and sharing the discipleship of Jesus. This is accomplished through Eucharistic ministry, social justice, and by being a source of hope. This parish is a family, and We celebrate our sense of family through liturgy, ministry and family-based education. Please contact us if you ever need anything, as we are here to help those in need.

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Fr. Jose Rebaque S.A.C

 (203) 954-7134

Rev Fr John D Hanic V.F_

Rev Fr John D Hanic V.F

 (704) 763-2475

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Rev. Mr. Harold Markle

(336) 466-4173


Mr.Temoc Herrejon

 (828) 773-2353


(336) 835-3007

Janis McQuade, S.S.J.