Welcome!    Liturgical ministry is an excellent opportunity to fulfill your baptismal call of service to one another.  Our liturgies utilize the talents and gifts that God has given this community to the fullest extent.  Whether participation is through “behind the scenes” preparation and planning or through a public role of service within the Mass, parishioner contributions help our liturgies to be truly life-giving celebrations. 

Please prayerfully consider joining one of these ministries where you'll find descriptions below.  All ministries require participating in formation and information sessions, as well as training in the ministry before being scheduled. Ministers are registered, active members of the parish.

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Serves at the altar and assists the presider at Mass. Ministry is open to all parishioners.

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Church Cleaners

Parishioners clean our church every other week and they care for the plants in our environment. Ministry is open to all parishioners.

Altar Linen Ministry

Preparation of the altar linens is an important, easy, behind-the-scenes ministry. Ministry is open to all parishioners.

Eucharistic Minister

There are 2 ways to serve as a Eucharistic Minister: during Mass or taking Eucharist to the home bound & hospitalized. Ministry is open to parishioners fully initiated into the Church. 

Ministry of Reader

Unlike other liturgical ministries, proclamation of God’s Word requires specific skills & 

preparation. Ministry is open to  parishioners fully initiated into the Church.